Computer Repairs, Virus Removal, Laptop Repairs in Southampton.
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Welcome to Southampton Computer Services

The home of low cost computer repairs and computer servicing in and around Southampton.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a friendly, professional service at a reasonable price.

Whether you are a home user or a small business we can help resolve your computer problems. Our services include Virus removal, Adware removal, Spyware removal, Broadband set up, Computer Upgrades, Laptop repairs, Network management, Web design and management.

We sell laptops and new computers. Our custom built PCs are made using only the finest components. We provide systems that can endure disk problems and avoid data loss. Our gaming rigs will give you the highest frame rates possible. Our new computer systems come with only the programs you want installed. We want your machine to work like a dream so we don't fill it with programs that you'll never use!

We specialise in data recovery. We can rescue data from floppy disks, memory sticks, cd, dvd and hard disk drives. You might think that it's lost forever, let us tell you for sure. We've saved many dissertations for students in Southampton. We should be your first choice for data recovery in Southampton.

We can transfer your iTunes and photos from your old hard drive to your new machine. Those years of irreplaceable family and holiday photos might not be lost, give us a call and let us be the judge.

We don't discriminate, we fix computers and laptops of all makes. Advent, Compaq, Dell, Evesham, HP, Packard Bell to name but a few.

We provide the following services?

  • Virus Removal.
  • Spyware Removal.
  • Computer Repair.
  • Computer Service.
  • Computer Upgrade.
  • Computer Advice.
  • Help with Internet Connection.
  • Wireless Network Setup.

Business Users:

  • Do you need occasional help with computer problems?
  • Do you want to call an engineer but fear the call-out charge?
  • Do you want servicing at a reasonable price?
  • Do you need Technical Support and Advice?

We have more than fifteen years experience in the IT industry. We provide a specialist computer repair service. We don't just solve the problem and give it back. We delve deep to root out all infections plaguing your computer system. We love to get a machine completely cleaned and free of infection. Our skills range from repairing computer problems to Web Design and Computer Programming. So we are sure that we can provide the service you are looking for. We understand that business and home users have different needs when it comes to computers.

Home users are becoming more and more frustrated with pop-up adverts, spyware infections and their computer running very slow. We provide a cost effective service that removes all these computer problems and helps to stop them occurring again in the future. We can even collect your computer and deliver it back to you for a small extra cost.

Business users are finding more and more that computer downtime is a huge problem. Computers have become an integral part of most businesses and play a key role in important daily functions. Most courier services utilise on-line booking systems which can become inaccessible due to computer down time causing delays in goods being despatched which ultimately affects the service you provide to your customers. We can provide a computer service package that will help to maintain a stable computer environment and reduce downtime, thus improving your productivity and improving the services you provide.

The most common problems that computer users face are caused by viral infections or spyware infections.
Spyware infections differ from viral infections very slightly. Computer viruses replicate themselves and attempt to send themselves to other computers. The virus normally achieves its objective by attaching itself to an email which is send to multiple recipients. Spyware does not attempt to replicate itself and as such is not classed as a virus. Anti-virus software does not target spyware so alternative methods of removal are required. The problem is that a spyware infestation can be as destructive and as difficult to remove as a computer virus. Spyware programs are incredibly clever and exploit every known method to avoid removal. We have the tools and expertise required to clean your machine and return it to a state where it can be used successfully. We will also make sure your machine has the necessary protection required to shield it from further infections.

We provide computer repair services in Southampton, we are located to Totton. We provide virus removal services in Southampton. We provide spyware removal services in Southampton. We can fix your notebook problem and recover your data.

Southampton Computer repairs. All makes and models of computers repaired in Southampton. Laptop Computer repairs Southampton. Notebook Computer Repair Southampton, Tablet Computer Repairs and Desktop Computer repairs. Small, local computer services company in Southampton that cares about customer satisfaction. We can diagnose and repair 99% of all computer problems. We have over fifteen years experience in the computer industry. If you need computer repairs in Southampton then you've found the right place. Unhappy with Windows Vista on your new computer then give us a call. We can install Windows XP and get you up and running and happy again. Want to upgrade your computer to Windows Vista? Then give us a call, we can upgrade your computer to the latest operating system so that you can take advantage of the the polished user interface.

We also repair laptop and notebook computers as well as desktop computers. If you have a broken laptop screen then we can get you a replacement laptop screen normally fitted within seven days. Need the data off that crashed hard disk drive? Then give us a call. We are experts at extracting data from faulty hard disk drives. A faulty computer does not necessarily mean the total loss of all your data. Computer problems can be caused by simple software issues or may be the result of a hardware failure inside the box. Often, the hard disk drive will be the root of a computer problem. It is worth noting that the only moving part(and most likely to fail) inside your laptop is the hard disk drive. So take the time to back up any important documents. If you need help to back up your documents or would like us to do that for you then give us a call, Southampton Computer Repairs can secure all the important information on you computer system. If you would like to buy a new computer in Southampton then give us a call. Buying a new laptop and not sure which is the best laptop computer for you? The give Southampton Computers a call. We supply machines that are designed to fit you and you alone. Why accept a machine that only provides 70% of the functionality that you require? Buy your new computer from us and we'll ensure that your needs are met in full. All our new machines are backed by our own 1 Years warranty. If your new machine needs to come in to be repaired then we can provide a temporary replacement computer until the repairs are complete. We aim to have all computer repairs completed within 2 working days. If your computer repair is urgent then we can provide a priority computer repair service for a nominal extra fee. There's no need to pull your hair out. Bring your computer to a company with real computer expertise and save time and money in the process. Want a clean-up and service for your computer then drop in. We'll service your computer for only 29.99.

What does our computer service include? First, we give your computer a good going over with the duster to remove any dust inside the case that might be causing a heat build up. Next we check your machine for all known viruses. We then check your machine for any spyware and adware. Once we have identified and removed any infections we check to see what programs you have installed that might be causing your machine to slow down. Finally, we make recommendations to help resist infection in the future. You get all this for an amazing 29.99. If we find any physicals problems with your computer then we'll let you know. We have a wide range of refurbished computer systems to suit any pocket. Our refurbished computer systems start from 99 and we provide a six month warranty on any refurbished machine we sell. We are confident that our refurbished computer systems will provide long-term use and that you'll be very happy to come back when you want a new machine. The home of Computer help Southampton. We provide Computer Maintenance Southampton. So make sure you come to Southampton Computer Repairs.

We also provide great value web design package starting from 99. Please ckick here to see one of our 99 sites.